Rancid macadamia nuts: Causes and remedies

Rancid macadamia nuts are a common problem for those who love to eat macadamia. Due to the high amount of oil and fat in them, it is inevitable to avoid this problem. Let’s explore the causes and remedies for this issue with Macca Sao Vang!


Can we eat macadamia nuts with rancid smell?

When macadamia nuts appear with oil outside the shells and have a strange or rancid smell, it is called rancid smell. According to scientific research, the cause of this problem in macadamia nuts is usually due to oxidation, which reduces the nutritional content. Macadamia nuts with bad smell can still be eaten, but they will no longer have a delicious and crispy taste.

Macadamia nuts go bad: Causes and remedies
Macadamia nuts go bad: Causes and remedies

Moreover, if they are left for too long, they may have a negative impact on the health of the consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to consider carefully when using macadamia nuts with this condition, especially for those with poor digestion.


Why do macadamia nuts get rancid?

Typically, oil smell often appears in various types of dried nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, and especially macadamia. Here are some main reasons that cause macadamia nuts to become bad smell:


Improper harvesting and processing

In fact, after being harvested, if macadamia nuts are not immediately husked and dried, they will become oily and moldy. Additionally, during the roasting and drying process, if the temperature is not maintained properly, macadamia nuts can also become rancid.

Improper harvesting and processing
Improper harvesting and processing

Improper storage

During use, if the user does not seal the bag tightly or leaves it out in the open air for too long, macadamia nuts will oxidize and result in a rancid odor. To avoid this situation, when not using all of the nuts, it is recommended to seal the bag tightly and store it in the refrigerator.


How to fix rancid smell in macadamia nuts

You can use the following method to fix this problem and use them normally: Use a tool to scrape off the rough outer shell of the macadamia nut, then use a knife to shave off a thin layer around the nut to discard the oxidized part. Next, roast the macadamia nuts again with salt at an appropriate temperature.

The ways to fix
The ways to fix rancid problem

Tips for choosing good macadamia nuts that are not rancid

Rancid macadamia nuts can reduce the amount of nutrients they contain and may have negative effects on health. Here are some tips for choosing good macadamia:

  • Observe the appearance: Typically, fresh nuts with bright color and intact shape have a lower risk of becoming rancid.
  • Taste test: You can also taste test the nuts to see if they have any bitterness, rancidity or bad odor.
  • Check the production and expiration dates: Choose newly produced macadamia nuts with a valid expiration date, stored in a sealed zip bag to avoid contact with air.
  • Choose whole nuts with shells: The hard outer shell can help limit the exposure of the nutmeat to air, thus reducing the risk of rancidity. Moreover, it helps prolong the shelf life of the nuts and prevent them from going rancid.
"Tips for choosing macadamia
Tips for choosing macadamia

Above is the information about the causes of rancid macadamia nuts and some ways to fix it. Hopefully, this sharing from Macca Sao Vang will help you use macadamia nuts effectively and avoid the problem of rancidity. If you need to buy macadamia nuts, please place an order here or contact us via our Fanpage for support.

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