The process of exporting Macadamia Nuts to the International Market

The process of exporting macadamia nuts has undoubtedly become a topic of significant interest recently. Both scientific research and practical experience have demonstrated that these nuts are truly effective for health and delicious in taste. Therefore, the economic value of this type of nut deserves attention and development.

The process of exporting macadamia nuts
The process of exporting macadamia nuts

What criteria must be met for exporting macadamia nuts?

Each batch of exported macadamia nuts undergoes a meticulous and rigorous process by the producers. Classified as a premium food product, macadamia nuts intended for export must pass numerous strict inspections regarding nutritional quality and food safety, starting from the stage when they are still in the form of seedlings.

To undergo the macadamia export process, they must go through a lengthy and special care process, with careful selection, particularly in the processing and packaging stages. Creating a complete product requires investment in modern machinery and equipment, sterilization, storage facilities that are well-ventilated, clean, and maintained at a temperature of around 16°C.

Criteria for Exporting Macadamia Nuts
Criteria for Exporting Macadamia Nuts

To be exported to strict foreign markets, macadamia nut products must meet all the following criteria:

  • Appearance: Size ranging from 16-35mm, wood-brown color, full kernel, white flesh, and uniform nuts.
  • Moisture Content: The moisture content of the product must meet the standard of 2-4%. This is a mandatory step in producing macadamia nut products to ensure their safe storage.
  • Flavor: This is the most challenging criterion, demanding precision in the harvesting and processing process to preserve the mild, naturally sweet, and nutty flavor of macadamia nuts while ensuring their nutritional content.
  • The product must absolutely not contain any preservatives or harmful substances for consumers.


The export process of macadamia nuts from Vietnam to international markets requires meticulous attention to detail and adherence to strict quality standards to ensure that the product meets the high expectations of discerning consumers abroad.

Export Process of Macadamia Nuts from Vietnam

What is the process of exporting macadamia nuts?

The process of exporting macadamia nuts involves several key steps to ensure the product meets all necessary criteria. It starts with undergoing plant quarantine and quality inspections in accordance with the directives from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, specifically under Circular No. 15/2021/TT-BNNPTNT.

To facilitate the development of this promising agricultural product, the export of macadamia nuts is exempt from export duties and VAT.

Documents required in the export process of macadamia nuts

To clear customs successfully, exporters need to prepare a comprehensive set of documents as stipulated in Section 5 of Article 1 of Circular No. 39/2018/TT-BTC (Amending Article 16 of Circular No. 38/2015/TT-BTC). These documents include:

  • Customs declaration form and bill of lading
  • Export license
  • Invoices and commercial contracts
  • Packing list
  • Other required certificates and documents as specified

Additionally, businesses must obtain certificates related to food safety, origin, and source of macadamia nuts.

Reputable Vietnam-based macadamia nut export company

Many investors are keen on exporting macadamia nuts to foreign markets due to the lucrative opportunities it presents for business. However, finding a reputable macadamia nut production and export company is not an easy task among the myriad of companies in this field. So, what criteria should be used to select a trustworthy company?

  • Long-standing company with extensive experience in macadamia nut production and export.
  • Possession of quality assurance documents and high ratings from experts for reliability.
  • A track record of successful macadamia nut exports from Vietnam to foreign markets.
  • Employing skilled workers in macadamia nut selection, modern closed and sanitary cultivation environments, and strict macadamia nut harvesting processes.
  • Adherence to rigorous macadamia nut export procedures.
  • Positive feedback on various platforms, including their website.

Selecting a reputable company is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful macadamia nut export process from Vietnam to international markets.

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