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When we mention macadamia nuts, we often think of a pricey dried nut originating from Australia. However, they are now widely grown and distributed in Vietnam at a very reasonable price. So, is Vietnamese macadamia delicious? Let’s explore that with Macca Sao Vàng through the following article.

Popular Types of Macadamia in Vietnam

Australian Macadamia

Currently, there are many macadamia products imported directly from Australia available in the Vietnamese market. We can identify Australian macadamia by its characteristics such as the light brown and relatively thin shell. In terms of size, they are quite uniform but not as large as the Vietnamese ones.

In reality, Australian macadamia is imported directly, so it incurs high taxes and transportation costs, making the product slightly expensive. However, its quality is beyond dispute.

Đặc điểm của macca Úc
Australian macadamia

Vietnamese Macadamia

Vietnam has become a potential region for macadamia production and export in the international market. Therefore, Vietnamese macadamia nuts are no less competitive compared to macadamia from other countries, especially Australia.

Typically, macadamia nuts in Vietnam have a darker and non-glossy shell. Although the shell is slightly thicker, the kernel inside is much larger. Particularly, Vietnam also produces size 30mm+ macadamia nuts, which no other country has. In terms of price, macadamia of Vietnam naturally has a lower cost compared to Australian macadamia because they are not subject to taxes and transportation fees.

Should older people eat macadamia nuts?
Vietnamese macadamia

Chinese Macadamia

The Vietnamese market has been flooded with Chinese macadamia products at surprisingly low prices. Therefore, we need to carefully consider the quality of these products to avoid any negative impact on our health.

Some distinguishing features of Chinese macadamia include beautiful, smooth, and highly fragrant nuts. They are entirely produced using machinery, resulting in evenly sawn marks on the shell, with a thin layer of residual dust inside the kernel.

Macca Trung Quốc có giá thành rất rẻ
Chinese macadamia

Which Macadamia is the best to eat?

As you may already know, there are three popular types of macadamia in the market: Vietnamese, Australian, and Chinese. So, which one should you buy to ensure both quality and reasonable price?

For those with high incomes, you can choose Australian macadamia. As for those who want to buy affordable products while still ensuring deliciousness and abundant nutritional content, Vietnamese macadamia is a good option. Despite the less appealing appearance of them.

Macca Sao Vàng – Vietnam’s Delicious Macadamia Production and Distribution Unit

Macca Sao Vàng is one of the leading units in producing and distributing delicious Vietnamese macadamia nationwide. In recent years, our high-quality products have been exported to countries such as South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and more.

Macca Sao Vàng confidently ensures that our macadamia nuts are pure and fragrant, thanks to carefully selected ingredients and advanced manufacturing technology combined with meticulous hand-cutting processes. Our products are free from any machine or sawdust odors like Chinese macadamia.

Cracked macadamia nut 480 grams
Macca Sao Vàng – Vietnam’s Delicious Macadamia Production and Distribution Unit

This article has provided insights into three popular types of macadamia, including Australian, Chinese and Vietnamese macadamia. We hope that these pieces of information will help readers become informed consumers. If you are interested in purchasing our macadamia products, please place your order directly at HERE or contact our hotline for further advice and support.


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