Why is Chinese Macadamia not Popular in Vietnam?

Chinese Macadamia nuts are currently widely available in the Vietnamese market with varying prices and quality. So, what are the characteristics and nutritional value of this product? What are the reasons why it is not favored by Vietnamese consumers?

Characteristics of Chinese Macadamia

Currently, there are many types of macadamia nuts sold in the market, making it difficult to distinguish the origin. To identify Chinese Macadamia, you can consider the following characteristics:

  • The outer shell is often beautiful, glossy, smooth, and dark brown in color.
  • It has an attractive aroma.
  • The cracks on the nuts are evenly sawed, with deep and overlapping saw marks on the kernel.
  • Inside the kernel, there is often an unclean sawdust layer, and a woody aroma.
  • The taste is usually bland and not as rich and buttery as Vietnamese or Australian macadamia nuts.
  • It is often pre-seasoned with spices.
Đặc điểm của macca Trung Quốc
Characteristics of Chinese Macadamia

It’s essential to be aware of these characteristics when purchasing macadamia nuts to ensure you’re getting the product you desire.

The prices of Chinese Macadamia

The current prices of Chinese Macadamia nuts vary depending on factors such as nut size, product type, nut variety, etc. However, in general, Chinese Macadamia tends to have a lower price compared to Vietnamese and Australian macadamia nuts:

  • Raw, unprocessed Chinese Macca nuts are priced between 56,000 – 70,000 VND/kg.
  • Shelled Chinese Macca nuts are priced around 340,000 – 360,000 VND/kg.
  • Whole, unshelled Chinese Macca nuts are priced around 280,000 – 300,000 VND/kg.
  • Cracked Chinese Macca nuts are priced around 150,000 – 180,000 VND/kg.

Why is Chinese Macadamia not favored?

Compared to Vietnam and Australia, China has a climate and soil conditions that are not ideally suited for the optimal growth of macadamia trees. This has been acknowledged by agricultural experts in China. As a result, the quality and yield of Chinese Macadamia are not highly regarded.

Furthermore, Chinese macadamia nuts are often produced in large quantities using automated processes that may not adhere to standard procedures. For example, the process of cracking the nuts is often done by machine, leading to sawdust contamination within the nut, which reduces the quality of the kernel.

Vì sap macca Trung Quốc không được ưa chuộng tại Việt Nam?
Why is Chinese Macadamia not favored?

These factors contribute to why Chinese Macadamia is not as popular or highly regarded as macadamia nuts from other regions. In addition, Chinese Macadamia nuts are often seasoned with various additives, food coloring, and artificial flavors. Some low-quality manufacturers may even use rancid ingredients in their processing and then distribute them in the market.

Due to these reasons, Chinese products are often less favored in Vietnam. However, it’s important to note that not all products from China are of poor quality. Consumers need to be smart and careful when choosing nutritious products.

Where to buy Macadamia Nuts for the best quality?

Purchasing high-quality macadamia nuts can be a challenge due to the abundance of low-quality options on the market. If you want to ensure you’re getting the best products, consider buying from well-established and reputable manufacturers with a long-standing track record of quality.

Choosing a large quantity macadamia supplier
Where to buy Macadamia Nuts for the best quality?

Macca Sao Vàng specializes in providing premium macadamia products that are carefully selected and produced according to standard processes. They ensure food safety and quality, backed by the necessary certifications. Therefore, customers can have complete confidence in using their products.

Furthermore, Sao Vàng invests in high-quality packaging, making their products visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing. With competitive prices and many attractive promotions, Macca Sao Vàng is confident in being the perfect choice for nutrition enthusiasts.

Awards and Achievements of Golden Star Macca
Awards and Achievements of Company

Understanding the reasons behind the lesser popularity of Chinese macadamia nuts in Vietnam has been a long-standing issue. The information shared by Macca Sao Vàng in this article provides a detailed explanation for this phenomenon. Hopefully, their insights will help consumers gain a better understanding of Chinese products and become more informed shoppers.

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